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Welcome to my blog – One Kreative Kindergarten!

I am a kindergarten teacher hoping to inspire other teachers through my posts, pictures and stories. I have been teaching for a few years now and feel like I’ve grown so much in just a few short years. I am currently teaching at a private school in the bay area in California. Since I decided I wanted to be a teacher, I knew kindergarten would be the right place for me. I love going to work each day and seeing my kids’ faces light up as they tell me stories about the most random things. It is the best feeling when a student who has been struggling with a concept, all of a sudden shows you that they have mastered the skill. Teachers really do make a difference in these little humans’ lives.

Some more about me…0027

I just recently got married to my college sweetheart. We met at Sonoma State University and dated for 6 years before getting married. He is the love of my life and the best human I know.

Wedding Pic

I love anything where I get to use my creativity… crafting, painting, quilting (taught myself how to use a sewing machine – not well). I’m always looking for projects to do around the house. Just recently made a fall wreath with my mom!

Trash Reality TV is the best! Any Real Housewife Show, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Big brother are always on in my house. I also enjoy the cheesy Hallmark movies during the holidays!

My hubby and I are concert and music festival ADDICTS! Our yearly tradition is attending Coachella in the spring with many friends. We also enjoy concerts around or in San Francisco. We love Outsidelands because we can walk from his mom’s house. It’s like a concert in our own backyard!

img_7483 img_7522I also try to exercise every now and then… My husband and I belong to a gym in our city and try to go on a regular basis. We’re also getting a puppy very soon so we’ll have to be active!

I am a dedicated wine drinker! I wish I took advantage of Sonoma County when I went to school at Sonoma State..but we love to visit Healdsburg and wine taste at various wineries. I unwind by pouring a healthy glass of wine and watching one of my reality shows or browsing Pinterest.

I’m so excited to be launching my blog and hopefully connecting with other teachers. Teaching is such an important profession; I believe we should share our successes and our failures. We teach our students to be lifelong learners. It’s important that we learn and grow from each other as well!

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