How to Make Back to School Night Successful

Back to School Night is an important night because it’s one of the only times you have all parents (or most) in one place. Although I dread talking in front of an adult crowd, I’m appreciative we have this night so we can give all information out at once and don’t have to repeat the info to each parent. Here’s how I set myself up for Back to School Night success!

Back to School Night

Look the Part (both you and the room)

  1. You – Wear something comfortable that makes you feel confident!

I like to dress up more than normal because Back to School Night is an important night where you get to give parents essential information about the upcoming year. It’s also one of the first times you’re meeting parents and dressing up will portray professionalism.

  1. Room – Make sure your classroom is tidy and presentable!

The day of Back to School Night, I have my students help me clean the room by ending our free play a little sooner than normal. I tell students that they’ve magically become vacuum cleaners and their job is to clean every speck from the carpet. Students love this idea (who knows why?) and crawl around on the carpet and sometimes even make a vacuum noise (tell them they’re quiet vacuums).

Back to School Night

Once the room is clean, get it ready with any information or work you want to display. I like to put a blank paper out for parents to write or draw something for their kids that I leave for the students to find the next day. This is nice to have out as parents walk in because it gives them something to do while you wait for all the other parents. I also put an information packet and birthday form on each child’s table spot. Parents can take this home for their reference and return the form once completed.

I also set out a “mint” treat. Check out my Back to School Night Mint Display Freebie!

Hit the Highlights

I prepare a Back to School Night powerpoint as a guide to what I want to cover with the parents. I start out by telling parents my background and schooling and then move into curriculum. Next, I discuss each subject and a brief overview of what students will learn in kindergarten. Other topics I include are homework, projects, field trips, star of the week and Nellie. Nellie is a stuffed cow that students will get to take home for a week during our school year.

After I give my spiel, my room parents talk about volunteer opportunities for our school and classroom.

Once this night is over, I take a big breathe of relief. It’s one of the most exhausting, long (12 hour) days but with these tips it’ll be amazing! Good luck!


Check out my Back to School Night resources by clicking the pictures below.

Back to School Night Flip Book    Back to School Night Mint Freebie

What makes your Back to School Night successful?

Back to School Night

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