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Fall Themed Art: Whoooo’s ready for fall?

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Who else loves teaching art? I don’t know what it is but kindergarten art is just so precious! They’re not worried about making things perfect, they’re just interested in getting it done and doing it their way. Even when I show them a model, they use their creativity to the max and I LOVE it!

Do you need a fall themed art project that looks awesome on your bulletin board? Read about the project I did with my class. Not only is it simple but it's super easy to prep!

Whoooo’s ready for fall?

I found this owl, fall themed art project on teacherspayteachers and I love how it turned out! This project is super easy to prep, has simple directions and the kids loved using feathers and googly eyes! If you’re in need of a fall themed art project, this one is for you!

Do you need a fall themed art project that looks awesome on your bulletin board? Read about the project I did with my class. Not only is it simple but it's super easy to prep!


Print out the master copies and pull the construction paper colors you need. I used brown, tan, yellow and orange.

Gather or purchase all materials. Here are some materials you may need.

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  1. Students cut out owl outline, tummy, beak and feet. I gave every piece to my students at once and displayed my model so they could see what piece goes where.
  2. Then, students glue their owl pieces together.
  3. I had students come to my table when they were finished gluing and choose 5 feathers. They had the choice to use different colors or all the same color.
  4. Students glue their feathers on and add googly eyes (use liquid glue).
  5. The owls are complete!

Bulletin Board

When your students are all finished with the project put their cute owls up on your bulletin board. Here is some inspiration!

Do you need a fall themed art project that looks awesome on your bulletin board? Read about the project I did with my class. Not only is it simple but it's super easy to prep!

You might like to read about another art project I do in the beginning of the school year: tissue art.

Beginning of the year Tissue Art

Tissue Art
This name tissue art project is hands down my absolute FAVORITE! It is a perfect beginning of the year art project and looks fantastic all year long. Each year, during our first art period, I show my students how to complete this tissue art and it hangs in my windows until the end of the year.

                   Materials for Tissue Art     Materials for Tissue Art


– 11 x 18 white or nude construction paper
– various colors of tissue paper
– glue
– dixie cups (or something to hold the glue) I like these because you can just throw them away when finished
– Q-tip

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This project is pretty low prep which is nice because sometimes art projects take longer to set up than for students to actually do. All you need to prep for this project is the papers with their names and tissue squares. I write the students’ names in sharpie but you could use anything because it gets covered up by the tissue in the end. You also need to cut squares of tissue about 1 inch by 1 inch. This prep could be done days before so you’re ready the day of. The day of, you’ll need to pour glue into dixie cups and put a Q-tip in each of the cups for students to use to spread the glue.
Tissue Art


I write my own name on one of these papers so I can model the art to my students. I start by showing them how to spread a section of glue on one of the letters in their name. Since I teach kindergarten, I mention that if you put too much glue on, it might dry before you can stick the tissue paper on. I tell them that they should only glue a little section, not the whole letter. Then, I show students how to crumple the paper and stick it on the letter. I really emphasize that the smaller they squish the tissue paper, the better it will look. I also tell my kids that they need to use the same color on the whole letter. Then, they must use a different color on the next letter. In the past, I’ve let students do multi-colored letters but it ends up looking a little bit jumbled and less like a name.

Back to School Tissue Art

After my students are finished, I trim the outside of the paper and glue a colored piece of construction paper as a background. I hang them in the window all year-long! Look at how beautiful this art is!

What is your favorite back to school art project?

Turkey Tuesday

One of the most exciting parts of teaching kindergarten is being able to use your creativity (especially during the holidays)! By the time October hits, it feels like we’re off and running with nonstop activities until Christmas break. I try to incorporate art once a week to go along with a monthly theme or a holiday that is coming up. The best thing about kinder art is that they all look SO different by the time these little creators are finished.img_8298

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we made turkeys out of paper plates (half a plate), tissue paper and construction paper. I used parts of the turkey template in Kelly Morgan’s Thanksgiving Everything Pack. I’ve had this resource of hers for a few years now and have used this template in various ways throughout the years. Not only does this pack have this craftivity (love that word!) but she has language arts, math, social studies and other resources all related to Thanksgiving. Total TpT jackpot!

We pasted the tissue paper squares to the paper plate by painting over them with liquid starch.img_8292
Not only does the starch make the papers stick, but it creates a shiny coat for the turkey’s feathers. Creating the turkey’s feathers was all that my kinders could handle for one day so we let the liquid starch dry and saved the turkey body and parts for the next day.

In my first year teaching, when I did craftivities like this, I would hand out each construction paper separately and it would be hard to manage since all students were cutting and gluing at different paces. I would be stressing out, running back and forth, handing different pieces to different students. Now, I’ve found that handing out all papers at once is less chaotic and actually more fun for the kids because they can be a little more creative. I put my sample on the board incase students want a reference of what the end goal is but I’ve found that some students don’t want to look at the model; they want to do their own thing! Teachers all have different ways of leading projects depending on their style and their students. What works in your classroom? How do you manage art projects?

I love that the same art project can produce such different results. What types of Thanksgiving projects do you do in your classrooms?