Give Students Responsibility: Classroom Jobs

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My students absolutely LOVE to have responsibility. They’re always asking what they can do or if they can help, which is why I love my classroom jobs. Each week, students get a new classroom job where they can be responsible for a certain part of our class. Some jobs have a lot to do and others get little action.

Read how to give students some work around the classroom through giving them classroom jobs.

Classroom Jobs: An Overview

Each year, I try to come up with a job for every student to do each week. I like when everyone has a job, even if the job is “substitute” or “on vacation” because it makes it easier to switch and manage the jobs. My jobs are hung on a ribbon that hangs near the front of my classroom. I clip a clothes pin with each student’s name on each of the jobs to keep track of who is responsible for what job for the week. When it’s time to switch jobs, I simply rotate the clips around the job display.

Read how to give students some work around the classroom through giving them classroom jobs.

This year, my jobs include:

  • Board Eraser
  • Caboose
  • Calendar Monitor
  • Hand Sanitizer Monitor
  • King or Queen of the Jungle (which is our jungle equivalent to Star of the Week)
  • Librarian
  • Lights Monitor
  • Line Leader
  • Lunch Monitor
  • Messenger
  • On Vacation
  • Paper Passer
  • Place Value
  • Substitute
  • Table Wiper
  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Weather Reporter

Items you might want for your classroom job system…


The Specifics

I’ve organized this list into jobs that have a lot of activity (busy jobs) and jobs that are more low key (slow jobs).

Busy Jobs

  • Teacher’s Assistant: This person helps out whenever I need some extra help. I have them do things like turn on my SmartBoard, help the paper passer and anything else that might come up where I need to pick a student to do a special job.
  • Star of the Week: Self explanatory, they are the star all week! Check out my star of the week Jungle resource here.
  • Line Leader: Front of the line.
  • Caboose: Back of the line.
  • Hand Sanitizer: This person gives each student a small squirt of hand sanitizer before snack and lunch.

Read how to give students some work around the classroom through giving them classroom jobs.

  • Librarian: The librarian puts books away. I have two purple bins that students put their books in when they are done with them. Each book has a sticker color that correlates with a color on a bin in the library. The librarian matches the book sticker to the bin sticker and places the book inside the bin.
  • Lights Monitor: Turns the lights on and off.
  • Paper Passer: Self-explanatory
  • Table Wiper: Helps wipe the tables off at the end of the day. No germs in my class!

Slow Jobs

  • On Vacation: This person gets to take a break for the week: no job!
  • Board Eraser: The board eraser gets to erase the board or SmartBoard after a lesson.
  • Messenger: This person delivers any messages or items to other classrooms or the office. Also, if a student needs help going to the office, they can bring them there.
  • Lunch Monitor: Checks to see if all lunch boxes are put away after lunch and before we go home.
  • Substitute (depends on if a lot of students are absent that week): This person does a job if a student is absent.

The other jobs are specific jobs to circle time so they are relatively busy since they have a job to do each morning, but their job is done once circle is over. Read about my circle time routine here.


Check out my bright chevron classroom jobs resource here. Of if you have a jungle theme like me, check out the jungle jobs here!

 Classroom Jobs

What kind of jobs do you use in your classroom?

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