Summer DIY Projects for your Classroom

I don’t know about you, but during the summer I love finding new DIY projects and ways to better my classroom or organization for the next school year. As the summer nears, my to do list grows and grows as I find tons of amazing ideas through Pinterest and Instagram.

Last year, my dad and I made cubbies for my students. This was a HUGE project and on top of that, I got married, so needless to say, I was busy and was only able to complete one DIY job last summer.

This summer, I’ve already started creating what I view as very valuable DIY projects for my classroom. I’ve put together a list of DIY projects that I’ve seen come up over and over again on Pinterest and Instagram so you can also create these awesome tools and resources! 


  1. The Teacher Toolbox – This project was at the top of my list to complete this summer. It is a great way to keep all your teacher supplies organized which makes teacher hearts very happy. I originally found this idea here but it is ALL over Pinterest and Instagram. I even created jungle theme labels to go along with my classroom theme. Find those along with the rest of my jungle decor bundle here.
  2. Seat Crate – These seat crates are going to add so much storage to my classroom. My plan is to use these around my guided reading table and I’ll use the storage for my guided reading books. This awesome tutorial breaks down exactly what you need and will be so useful when making my own seat crates.
  3. Anchor Chart Storage – This is such a smart way to organize your anchor charts! I find that over the years, my anchor charts get so wrinkled because I don’t have a storage system. This DIY project uses PVC pipes and hangers to store your anchor charts. Find out how to make this easy storage system here.

Classroom Management

  1. Bucket filler – I love using bucket fillers in my classroom because of the kind and caring community they create. Read about the way I store my bucket fillers from this blog post here. (Tip – I use a hanging shoe organizer!)
  2. Pencil Equity Sticks – This DIY project is a great way to give your equity sticks a makeover. I love using sticks in the classroom because it’s a great way to make sure you’re calling on all students and not just the ones who raise their hand all the time. Get inspiration here for your new upscale equity sticks.


  1. Library letters – This tutorial shows you how to use old book pages to decorate letters for your classroom library (and other ways to decorate letters). I cannot wait to make these for my library!
  2. “Today is” on Whiteboard – I just purchased a cricut machine this summer and I cannot wait to use it for everything decoration in my classroom, starting with this “Today is” inspiration for my whiteboard.
  3. Printing Big Posters – Ever wish you could print something to be bigger than just an 8.5 by 11? This tutorial is AMAZING and shows you exactly how easy it is to make your poster dreams come true! Such a great tip when creating your classroom environment. 

Free Play

  1. Felt Board – Turn an old cork board into a felt board that your students can play and create stories with! This 15 minute project is a great addition to your free play choices!
  2. Toy Stove – Is your kitchen the most popular toy to play with in your classroom? Mine is and often ends with students fighting over who gets to play in it. This tutorial shows you how to turn a plastic container into a stove. What makes this even better is the container serves as storage for your toy food!
  3. Sidewalk Foam Paint – This fun outdoor activity is so easy to make and has a ton of possibilities! It is an upscale version of chalk. This could be a great reward or outdoor free play activity. Find out how to make this sidewalk foam paint here. (Tip – it can also be used on paper!)


What’s on your summer DIY to do list?

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2 Comment

  1. Stephanie
    June 28, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    How did you make those awesome cubbies?

    1. Danielle
      June 29, 2017 at 11:03 pm

      My dad and I made those last summer (: Basically a lot of wood and a lot of screwing things together. Huge/time consuming project but I absolutely love them in my classroom. I’ll try to write a post about that project soon. Thanks!

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