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What You Don’t Know About the Importance of Free Resources on TpT

Free downloads are so appreciated by many teachers and are super important to have in your store but are often under-utilized by many TpT sellers. Now, I know what you’re thinking: how is a FREE download going to make me money on TpT? And, why is it beneficial to have free resources in my store? It’s actually more important than you might think. Read on to find out why.

The Importance of Free Resources on TpT

Do you utilize free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers as a seller? Read why it's so important to put free products in your TpT store.

Showcases the Quality of Your Work

When you offer a free resource you’re able to show buyers what kind of work you do and the quality of it. Don’t just slap up a half put together product and call it a day.. make sure you put the same amount of effort into the free resources as you do your paid resources. Buyers are going to notice the quality and will more likely purchase from you in the future.

Gets Your Name Out

Let’s face it, more people are probably going to click download on a free resource than a paid. If that’s true then make your free resources worth it. At the end of all my resources, I have a thank you and credits page. This page links to my store and to my social media accounts as well as my blog. The idea is that if a buyer likes a product, they’ll search more of my products and my name is remembered for future buys.

Do you utilize free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers as a seller? Read why it's so important to put free products in your TpT store.

Can Lead to Bigger Sales

You can also utilize free resources by making them a sample or a portion of a larger paid resource. A lot of TpT sellers will put a free sample of a larger bundle or big product so buyers can test out if they like the product before purchasing. This is similar to companies sending samples of a curriculum to help teachers and administrators decide if they want to purchase. I’ve utilized this in my Guided Reading Bundle. I put a portion of this resource (the reading strategy bookmarks) for free.

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Do you utilize free resources in your Teacherspayteachers store? What kinds of free resources do you offer? Comment below!


Steps to Upload A Product on TpT

You’ve started a TpT store and you’ve spent tons of time perfecting your resource so teachers around the world can use it in their classroom. Now you’re finally ready to upload a product to share with the teaching community. Look no further, here are the steps you need to take to put your resource in your store.

Step by Step

  1. Click on “My Product Listings”. Upload A Product
  2. Then “Add Digital Product” and choose to upload a resource or a video.Upload A Product
  3. Upload the product and give it a title.
  4. Upload a preview (if you have one). It’s a good idea to create a preview so buyers can see your product closer than just the small thumbnail.Upload A Product
  5. Write out the description for your product. Make sure you are very detailed in what is included so buyers know exactly what to expect.
  6. Pick the “Type of Resource” and “Grade levels” it is meant for.
  7. Choose the subject area. I try to always choose three so it comes up in multiple categories.
  8. Add teaching duration, number of pages and answer key.
  9. Place the resource in a category. If you’re just starting a store, you won’t have categories yet. You can make categories by going to “My Product Listings” and “Manage Your Categories”. These categories show up on the side of your store so it’s easier for customers to browse the different resources you have.
  10. Choose free or paid. (If this is your first resource, TpT will make you share a free resource so buyers get to know your work.) Upload A Product
  11. Choose to upload to your own thumbnails. (These are the pictures you see when you first look at the product.) Choose up to 4 pictures. Many TpT authors use square thumbnails because they’re more appealing to the eye.
  12. Click submit! Congratulations, you’ve uploaded a product to your store!!

Upload A Product

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Starting a TpT Store: Step by Step Directions

Have you been thinking about starting a TpT store? What’s stopping you? About two years ago, I registered as a basic seller on TpT and knew absolutely nothing about creating a store. For the first 6 months or so, I had two products up and couldn’t find the time to give my store any attention. My store sat for a while until summer break when I decided I would add a few more products. The first time I heard cha-ching through my TpT app notification, I knew I wanted to put more time and effort into creating my store that would help other teachers while earning a little extra $$ on the side!


Since then, I have researched, watched youtubes, tried and failed, tried and succeeded and learned so much about teacherspayteachers and creating a store. I want to inspire you to take that leap and open up your own TpT store! Don’t wait any longer, take the step and dive right in, even if you don’t have it all figured out (which you won’t, and I still don’t).

Steps to open a TpT store

  1. Become a member of TpT. I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re already a member but just incase.. you’ll need to register in order to become a seller. If you already have a TpT account, you use the same account as your buyer account. (If you have an account, skip to step 3.)

Starting a TpT Store

2. Fill out the information to create your account.

How to Start a TpT Store

3. Under the tab “My TpT” you’ll find “Become a Seller”. Press this and enter your information.

How to Start a TpT Store

4. Once you enter your information, a tour of your dashboard will pop up. Read through and get a feel for what you can find where.

How to Start a TpT Store

5. Create your first product and upload! TpT will have you upload your “Primary Free Download” first so you can introduce your work to the TpT community.


How to Start a TpT Store

6. To add a new resource click “My Product Listings” and then “Add Digital Product” in the lower left corner.

How to Start a TpT Store


TpT Tip

If you plan on really giving this a go and selling a handful or more products, upgrade to a Premium Seller Account right away. This is $59.95 a year, however, it is SO worth it because you get a higher payout. I waited to upgrade until I started selling more products but wish I became a premium seller earlier!

How to Start a TpT Store

Congratulations on opening your new TpT store! Teachers have such amazing gifts that can be shared to the community through this platform. It’s amazing to be apart of!


How to Start a TpT Store


Now that you have your store, what do you want to know more about? Leave a comment below so I can answer your questions in following blog posts. Also, let me know your TpT store name so I can check it out and leave you some love!